By definition, automatic Forex trading utilizes software programs to predict, or somehow anticipate the rises and the declines in currency rates and make profitable trading decisions based on those predictions. The software should also open and close all the trades for you. With an automated Forex trading system, you should be able to start up the program and let the profits accumulate, with minimal effort on your part. Your automated Forex trading system should work around the clock, so you don't miss out on any trading opportunities, nor suffer unpleasant surprises on unexpected market moves, especially when you're not glued to your computer.

While it is true that many traders have experienced success with limited automated trading programs, not all automated Forex systems are created equal. Most of the "automated" trading programs found on the internet (literally by the hundreds, and all claiming to be automated Forex trading software) are nothing more than simple plug-in files for the MetaTrader trading platform, called EA's or Expert Advisors. Usually, they are just a few simple lines of code installed in the "expert" directory of the MetaTrader software. These files are coded to identify a trading opportunity based on a specific technical indicator, a combination of indicators, or some other logic. When the market conditions identified by the EA are met, MetaTrader will then open a trade - and that's about it. Exiting from the trade is done either using a stop loss in the event of the trade signal being false, or a simple trailing stop, if a profit is reached. There is no trade management to speak of, and certainly no strategy to defend against a bad trade (other than with a stop loss). For the most part, an EA opens a trade when the indicator identifies a trading opportunity, so you don't have to do it manually by sitting in front of the computer all day.

The success of every such EA depends on the quality of the signals given by the specific indicator or indicators it utilizes. Unfortunately, in today's volatile and rapidly shifting markets, most technical indicators' success rates have only been rated to be as predictably effective as a flip of a coin. About half of the signals will be good and about as many will be false, causing the trade to be stopped out. What many EA developers do to make their EA's look attractive and to show above average past performance, is to over-optimize the settings of the indicator to a certain set of historical back data. This is obviously a false illusion, because as soon as the next month rolls around, with fresh price data and new patterns, the market conditions change and most EA's fail miserably. This is one of the reasons why most EA's sell for only a mere $100 to $300.

Unlike any EA, the 4X-DAT™ is a complete stand alone software package, containing over 80,000 lines of code, and is not optimized to any specific set of data. In fact, it is not optimized to any data at all. It incorporates not just one, but unlimited number of custom defined trading strategies. The strategies we use at 4X-DAT™ have been tested in both back-tests as well as in live trading, to ensure that the software and its trading logic work. To date, our 4X-DAT™ software and trading strategies have gone through more than 200,000 hours of vigorous testing.

The software is designed in such a way, that when its trading strategies are set up properly, 4X-DAT™ can not only target optimal trading profits, but perhaps more importantly, it is able to deploy trading algorithms that can even help it trade its way out of a bad trade should traders choose to employ some of the methods we use in our free pre-built strategies. So how do our strategies trade their way out of bad trades? By utilizing mathematics − the purest science known to man − using precise mathematical algorithms, instead of just trying to predict the next market move. By design, our strategies employ sophisticated trading logic based on several algorithmic trading sequences called "trade recoveries" (including our very own proprietary and highly acclaimed Zone Recovery Algorithm) to "fix" bad trades. For more details, we invite you to register on our website so you can download the free version of the software viewer and observe for yourself the 4X-DAT™ software trading several of our free trading strategies live, in real time, right in front of your very own eyes.

In conclusion, the 4X-DAT™ does virtually all of the work for you, so all you have to do is install the software, set up the initial trading parameters, and then turn it on. Installation takes only a few seconds and in less than an hour of setting your trade parameters, you will be enjoying the freedom of fully automated Forex trading.